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We have a long-term perspective when providing support and promoting the development of our existing companies, as well as complementing our divisions with additional companies.

Group CEO

Lars Fredin

As we navigate uncertain times, we must remain alert to the challenges and swiftly adapt to new realities. We have learned from the past years that a global pandemic, regional conflicts, and economic impact can and will also impact our industry. However, we have demonstrated resilience and agility in managing our operations effectively during these turbulent times.

With a strong foundation of 22 companies in four divisions, we are well-positioned to overcome any obstacles that come our way. It is essential that we leverage the knowledge and experience of our colleagues to both learn and innovate in our approach to work.

We have kept our strategic direction with a strong focus on business development and acquisitions; Dacke Industri is poised to strengthen its market position. We are growing both with our existing companies through organic growth and when we find a good match for acquiring new companies into our divisions. Our latest partners are CNC North from the USA, who joined early this year. They are a very well-run company that will join UVA LIDKÖPING as a daughter company. We have more possibilities ahead.

We firmly believe in the importance of taking a long-term perspective to ensure the sustainability of our business. Since we are in a non-public environment, we can look beyond short-term results and make decisions in the best interest of long-term success. Our companies operate with a high degree of autonomy and are empowered to make independent decisions. The continued involvement of former owners adds significant value to our organization, while the industrial expertise and supportive Board of Directors help guide and challenge management as needed.

With our model of decentralization of our companies, we enable the forces and solutions within the organizations. A true entrepreneurship and business acumen where we continue to invest in our companies to continue strengthening our group.
Our ability to stay flexible and responsive to market dynamics will also be key to our continued success in the future.

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Best regards
Lars Fredin